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Names of controls and parts

Switching Audio Modes

1Press the [SOURCE/PWR] button for less than one second.

Press the button to switch mode in the following sequence:

FM/AM → SIRIUS*1 → XM*1 → CD(MP3/WMA)*2 → CDC*1 → USB*4, or iPod*4
AUX*3 → BT-Audio*3 → FM/AM → ···

*1 Cannot be selected if the corresponding device is not connected to the main unit.

*2 Not displayed if no disc is inserted.

*3 Cannot be selected if the AUX mode or the BT-Audio mode is not set to ON. For details, Switching the AUX mode on and off or Switching the Bluetooth audio mode on and off.

*4 Can be selected if the iPod or USB device is connected and the loaded media type is determined by the main unit.