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Names of controls and parts

Front view

[ENTER] button
Enters selected item.
[VOL] knob
Adjusts volume.
[MODE/TAG] button
Switches to the rotary mode.The settings can be switched.
[ (EJECT)] button
Ejects a CD when this button is pressed.
[ (OPEN)] button
Press this button to open the front panel.
[SCREEN/TEXT] button
Switches the screen pattern.Switches the title display.
[MUTE] button
Activates and deactivates mute.
Buttons [1] to [6]
Selects radio preset channels and performs disc mode functions.
[SOURCE/PWR] button
Switches audio source mode.Turn the power on or off.
[/MENU] button
Switches to the TEL mode.Switches to the Menu Selection mode.
[] [] [] [] buttons
Selects radio stations and CD tracks.Selects setting items.
[/BAND] button
Returns to previous screen.Switches radio band.

Disc slot
Inserts compact discs.

  • Never place an object or rest your hands or the like on the front panel.