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Names of controls and parts

Detaching the front panel

Using the detachable panel

The front panel of the main unit can be removed.

By removing this panel when you leave the vehicle, you can prevent the theft of the main unit.

How to remove the detachable panel

1Press the [ (OPEN)] button.

The front panel opens.

2Detaching the front panel.

Hold the right-hand side of front panel, press it to the left, and pull it toward you to remove it.

3Put the front panel into the case.

Push to open the front panel case and put the front panel in it.

How to attach the detachable panel

1While holding the right end of the front panel, insert the left end of the front panel into the catch on the main unit.

2By sliding the front panel to the left, press the right end of the front panel until it clicks into place.

3Manually close the front panel.

  • If you drop the detachable panel or subject it to impact, it may be damaged or malfunction.
  • Do not attempt to detach or attach the detachable panel while driving since this could cause an accident.
  • Store the detachable panel in a location free from humidity, dust, and water.
  • Do not leave the detachable panel in locations that are likely to become hot, like the dashboard and surroundings.