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HD Radio

About HD Radio

If the optional HD Radio tuner unit is connected, terrestrial digital broadcasts can be received. When terrestrial digital broadcasts are received, the FM reception has the same sound quality as a CD, and the AM reception has the same sound quality as conventional FM sound. Depending on the reception status, HD Radio may also be able to receive analog broadcasts, which means reception is still possible in regions with no digital coverage.

The "HD Radio Ready" logo is a registered trademark of iBiquity Digital Corp.

There are both automatic and manual methods (one of each) for storing stations in memory. The main unit will accept up to 24 stations in memory. There are 6 stations for AM and 18 stations for FM (6 each for FM1, FM2 and FM3) (initial settings).

Refer to How to operate the tuner for information on the following operations:

  • Listening to the tuner

  • Tuning to a station

  • Entering stations into memory automatically (The automatic preset mode: ASM)

  • Manually setting stations into memory

  • Preset station scan

During digital broadcast reception, the "DIGITAL" message appears on the display.