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Bluetooth audio

About the Bluetooth audio function

The use of Bluetooth wireless communication technology enables a Bluetooth-compatible portable audio player (hereafter called "a portable device") to be used as a source for the main unit.

Once the portable device is connected to the main unit, it is possible to listen to music without directly operating the portable device.

Because the connection between the portable device and the main unit is wireless, cable connection is not needed.

  • Before using a Bluetooth-compatible portable device (including a cell phone) with the main unit, be sure to complete the "Bluetooth audio set up". (For details, Bluetooth audio setup.)

  • When the portable device has been connected to the main unit, the Bluetooth connection indicators will be displayed.

  • Noise may be experience when using the Bluetooth cell phone and Bluetooth audio.

  • Depending on the version of Bluetooth, some cell phones may not be able to communicate with the main unit.

  • Depending on the surrounding environment, the connection may become unstable, and the Bluetooth audio function may not be able to be operated from the main unit.

  • If the portable device is used with other wireless devices, it may have a negative effect on the communication capabilities of both.

  • The Bluetooth communication connection may cause the batteries in the portable device to lose their charge quickly.