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USB music file player

How to operate the USB music file player

Plug a digital audio player or a USB memory (having a USB terminal) into the USB connector and set the main unit to the USB mode, and you can listen to a music file of the audio player or USB memory.

Listening to music files in USB memory

1Connect the USB memory to the USB connector.

2Hold down the [SOURCE/PWR] button for less than 1 second until the USB mode is shown.

For details, Switching Audio Modes.

3Operate the USB music file player.

The procedure for playing music is the same as that are used to play CDs. For details, see "How to operate the CD/MP3/WMA player" (page TRACK (FILE) UP/DOWN - DISPLAYING TITLE).

  • If the USB mode is changed to another mode and then returned to the USB mode, the player will return to the previous file played.
  • Do not disconnect the USB memory or turn the ignition key to ACC OFF position while accessing the USB memory. Doing so may corrupt the data.
  • Depending on the type connected, the USB memory may not work in some cases.
  • The USB memory does not support multi-partition. Also, it does not support USB hub.
  • It is highly recommended to back up your data in case of accidental deletion.
  • Install and use the USB device in a place that provides safe operation of the vehicle.
  • The music files under the copyright protection cannot be played.
  • When connecting a digital audio player to the USB connector, additional USB adaptors may be required.