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CD/MP3/WMA player


(TEXT supported CD's)

1Press the [SCREEN/TEXT] button for more than one second.

CD text will be scrolled on the display.


1Press the [SCREEN/TEXT] button for more than one second.

Each time the button is pressed, the text will be displayed in the following order.

Folder name/File name * → Tag

* A maximum of 14 characters can be displayed in the display area. The remaining characters can be displayed by scrolling. The folder name is displayed first. The file name can then be displayed by scrolling. After the file name has been displayed, the display will be fixed.

  • CD text cannot be displayed using CD changers (sold separately).

  • If the CD came with a logo shown below, it is recorded with a disc title and track titles.
    These information will be displayed during playback.

  • CD text, Folder name/file name or tag recorded with characters other than alphanumeric and symbols cannot be displayed.