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CD/MP3/WMA player

Listening to a CD

1Press the [ (OPEN)] button.

The front panel opens.

If a CD is already inserted into the slot, eject it by pressing the [ (EJECT)] button.

2Insert a CD into the disc slot, label side up.

Close the front panel by your hand, and the CD will start to play automatically.

  • Playback may be intermittent when there is a scratch on a CD or when the recorded side is dirty.

  • If a CD has already been loaded, press the [SOURCE/PWR] button for less than one second to switch to the CD mode. (For details, Switching Audio Modes.)

  • When a CD is being loaded, do not push the front panel. This could cause your injury or a damage to the disc or front panel.
  • When music data recorded in the normal way (CD-DA) is present on the same disc with MP3/WMA music files, the normally recorded music data will be played. To listen to the MP3/WMA music files, press [MODE/TAG] button for more than one second.

  • MP3/WMA files which are not supported cannot be played. In this case, “NO SUPPORT” appears.

  • The optional CD changer cannot be used to play MP3/WMA files.