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Bluetooth hands-free

About the Bluetooth hands-free function

The use of Bluetooth wireless communication technology enables a Bluetooth-compatible cell phone to be able to be used with the main unit. Once the cell phone is connected to the main unit, it is possible to make calls without directly operating the cell phone. Because the connection between the cell phone and the main unit is wireless, communication is possible even when the cell phone is in your bag or pocket. Cable connection and wiring is not necessary.

  • The main unit can be used with Bluetooth-compatible cell phones.

  • Before using a Bluetooth-compatible cell phone with the main unit, please be sure to perform the Bluetooth registration and connection setting procedures. (For details, Registering a cell phone and Connecting a registered cell phone.)

  • When the cell phone has been connected to the main unit, the Bluetooth connection indicator and the radio wave status/phone connection status indicator appear on the displayed as shown below.

  • Once the cell phone has been connected to the main unit, it will remain connected until the connection is cancelled.

  • Depending on the version of Bluetooth, some cell phones may not be able to communicate with the main unit.

  • Depending on the surrounding environment, the connection may become unstable, and the Bluetooth hands-free function may not be able to be operated from the main unit. In such cases, confirm that the connection status is good be referring to the radio wave status indicator on the display, and then repeat the procedure.

  • Some cell phones may not be compatible with the main unit.

  • Using Bluetooth may cause batteries in connected devices to drain more quickly.