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Switching audio control modes

Various audio control modes may be fine-tuned using this procedure.

1Press the [ENTER] button for less than one second to select the item to be adjusted.

Modes will switch in the order shown below each time the button is pressed.


*1 NON-F (non-fader) Output is not affected by the settings of the BASS, MID and TREB.

*2 Setting cannot be made in FM mode.

ModeFunctionRotary Mode
BASSAdjusts bass level.Decrease level.Increase level.
MID (MIDDLE)Adjusts middle level.Decrease level.Increase level.
TREB (TREBLE)Adjusts treble level.Decrease level.Increase level.
SVC(Source Volume Control)Adjusts different volume levels for each audio mode.Decrease level.Increase level.
FADERAdjusts the audio balance of the front and rear speakersEmphasizes rear speakers.Emphasizes front speakers.
BALANCEAdjusts the audio balance of the right and left speakersEmphasizes the left speakers.Emphasizes the right speakers.
NON-F (NON-FADER LEVEL)Adjusts non-fader level (for subwoofer).Decrease the sub-woofer level.Increase the sub-woofer level.
LOUDNESSThe loudness control may be turned on to emphasize low and high frequencies at low volume levels. Loudness boosts bass and treble at low volumes.Select OFFSelect ON

SVC Setting examples:

The volume for the default FM mode (default value: 40) is used as a reference for storing the differences in volume that have been set for each audio mode.

Audio modeFMAMCDUSBBT-Audio
Default value(Volume level)Reference(40)0(40)0(40)0(40)0(40)
SVC setting(Volume level)Reference(40)SVC settingvalue-15 (55)SVC setting value-10 (30)SVC setting value+5 (45)SVC settingvalue-5 (35)
When volume level in FM mode is adjusted from 40 to 454555→6030→3545→5035→40
When volume level in CD mode is adjusted from 35 to 6045→7060→80*6050→7540→65
When volume level in AM mode is adjusted from 80 to 2070→52060→0*75→1065→0
When volume level in USB mode is adjusted from 10 to 355→3020→450→20350→25

*1 The volume levels can only be set from 0 (min) to 80 (max). The volume difference can be set within a range of -10 to +20.