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  • Navigation
  • 7 Wide Screen Monitor
  • DVD Video
  • USB Multi-Source Receiver
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless techology
  • Built-in Steering Wheel Control
  • Built-in Voice Control
  • OffRoad Map
  • +3years FreeMap Updates
  • suna GPS traffic updates
  • Parrot


? 7” Wide QVGA Touch Panel Display ? Map of the Australia/New Zealand
? DVD-Video, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA Playback
? USB Connection for DivX, MP3, WMA, AAC Playback ? Video Output for Rear Monitor ? AV Input
? Ready for USB Direct Connection for iPod/iPhone ? Ready for Rear View Camera
? Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology for Hands-free and Audio Streaming(Parrot Bluetooth Built-in)
? Built in RDS-TMC (SUNA GPS Traffic Updates TM) ? ESN (ECLIPSE Security Network)
? Voice Control (music search for USB/iPod/Hands-free and navigation destination search)
? Steering Wheel Controls(Built-in)

Maximum satisfaction Effortless Operation

Digital technology that provides an all new visual experience

In addition to a 7-inch wide large screen, the AVN827GA incorporates various types of digital technology in its display circuits so that the video display is more vivid, and more beautifully evolved. The AVN827GA can playback DVDs and other high-quality video with excellent fidelity.

Achieves the high image resolution of a Digital Display

Full colour image processing

Accurately reproduces subtle gradation with vivid colour resolution

Features digital TFT LCD

Improves contrast and reproduces solid black

Features digital transmission

A well-balanced picture with defined contours and reduced blurring

Features LED backlight

Achieves a crisp white by optimising colour temperature

Digital technology for high-quality sound!

The AVN827GA incorporates a digital tuner for AM / FM whereby via digital processing using a high precision DSP and 24-Bit DAC, optimal processing of each radio wave is performed.
The full original sound can be played back by connecting and processing digital signals from sources such as CDs, USB memory, and iPods. In addition high-quality sound is achieved by stringently selecting high-quality components.

Customise the sound quality inside your car!

The AVN827GA is equipped with sound customisation features that allow you to truly enjoy your driving experience.
A 7 - band EQ enables adjustment of the sound for each frequency band and X-OVER to maximise the characteristics of your speakers.

7-Band EQ


Navigation accuracy to an all new level!

In order to navigate accurately, it is crucial to correctly determine where your car is currently located. Signals from satellites (GPS) are combined with vehicle speed pulses and a gyroscope to measure the direction and inclination of the car to determine the location of your car with continuous high-precision. The AVN827GA can determine your car's location even after entering a tunnel where GPS signals do not reach!

A convenient split-screen display lets you immediately access the feature you want to use

A split-screen layout is used so you can always see the navigation and entertainment system information you want to access.
Selection of an audio source, music operations such as playback, stop and fast-forward, and display of navigation maps can all be done from a single screen. Naturally you can switch to full-screen display of a map or video with a single touch.
The AVN827GA interface is user-friendly and allows you to use all the AVN827GA features with ease.

Quickly search through music data on an iPod/iPhone

Even if your iPod/iPhone is packed with a large number of songs, there's no need for worry.
You can easily search for the song you want to listen to by using a full range of search features and an easy-to-understand album art display.

The AVN827GA keeps you on the road with increased accuracy but also takes you off-road with 4WD tracks when needed

The AVN827GA not only guides you to your destination but provides a detailed display of Points Of Interests (POI) and convenient information on your journey. Our priority is ensuring you have a safe and comfortable experience with all the features at your fingertips.

Safe driving with a rear view camera!

If the rear view camera is connected and you shift into reverse, the view to the rear of the car will automatically be displayed.
Setting the reverse guidelines to match the size of your car will ensure reverse parking is hassle-free.

Operate without looking away from the road
Car navigation has evolved with voice control

The AVN827GA has built in voice control capabilities. This futuristic voice control interface is a reality whereby you can use many features of the unit without taking your eyes of the road.

Audio Control

Search for the song you want to hear by speaking the title or artist!

You can start playing songs stored on your iPod/iPhone by speaking the name of the artist or genre etc. Song data stored on USB memory can be played by speaking the folder name. This is even simpler than searching by touching the screen.

Ways of searching song data
  • iPod mode: Search by artist, genre or playlist
  • USB mode: Search by folder
Navigation Control

You can also directly speak the location where you want to go!

Naturally you can easily set the destination of your drive using voice control. Voice control is safer because there is no need to look away from your driving, or take your hands off the wheel to perform touch operation.

Types of operation for destination setting
  • Find: Address Search, Place (Petrol, Parking, Restaurant, Accommodation) Search, Favorites, History
  • Route: Route Info, Route Delete, Route Avoid
  • More: Where am I, Country Info, Help

When you receive an e-mail, the AVN827GA will read it aloud for you!

The AVN827GA will read aloud the content of SMS messages or e-mails received by a Bluetooth compatible device. This lets you enjoy various types of communication while driving, without looking at the screen. Naturally, the AVN827GA also supports hands-free calling and audio streaming so you can make calls while your mobile phone is in your bag or pocket.

Hands-free calling

You can control incoming and outgoing calls of a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone from the AVN.
This ensures safety because you can call while driving, without taking your hands off the wheel.

Audio streaming

The AVN827GA can playback song data from a Bluetooth compatible audio player and also supports title display and random/repeat playback.

Please note: For all Bluetooth features, the mobile phone must have the compatible Bluetooth Profile.
This feature will only work if your mobile phone has HFP(Hands Free Profile) and MAP(Message Access Profile).

Supports a broad range!

You can conveniently control an iPod or iPhone using the large screen of the AVN827GA, and the system can playback not only music, but also iPod video. In addition, the system supports a variety of AV media . such as AM/FM radio,CDs/DVDs and Bluetooth audio.
So you can turn the inside of your car into your own entertainment room.


You can play music as well as compressed movie formats in your car!

It's easy to playback not only song data but also movie data stored on USB memory.
You can enjoy content such as movie files downloaded from the Internet in your car.

  • Supported USB memory: Max. 8GB (mass storage class)
  • Max. readable levels: 8 levels
  • Max. readable number of folders (total): 3000
  • Max. readable number of files (total): 9999

Supported movie compression formats

Supported music playback formats

Please note:
There are restrictions on playability,
depending on the version of each format.


Supports photo slide shows!

The AVN827GA can continuously display a slide show of images stored on an SD card.
You can playback photos with 6 pattern effects and resizing, and also store a photo as the opening screen.

  • Supported SD cards: Max. 64GB
  • Max. readable levels: 8 levels
  • Max. displayable image size: 10Mbytes or less
  • Max. readable number of files (total): 500

Please note:
Navigation features cannot be used while displaying images stored on an SD card.
Also, when you start driving, the slide show will stop,
and the photo displayed last will be displayed as a still picture.

Built-In OEM Steering Wheel Control (SWC)

With the built-in SWC capability, the AVN827GA does not require an additional third-party adapter to interface with your OEM SWC functions.
Without the requirement of a third party adapter, a direct connection enables instant response to the functions pressed on the steering wheel - without any lag.

Please note:
This function can only be used in a vehicle that has voltage detection type SWC.
May not be compatible with certain vehicle makes and/or models. Please refer to your ECLIPSE dealer for more information.

ECLIPSE is committed to offering the best map update service to all AVN827GA purchasers. ECLIPSE will provide additional map updates for 3 years at no additional charge.
ECLIPSE ensures you have the latest maps available so you can enjoy your driving experience for many years to come.
*Subject to Terms and Conditions

For more information, please go here.


  • Visual
  • Sound
  • Navigation


  • Split-screenview
  • iPod/iPhone
  • Navigation
  • Rear view camera
  • VoiceControl


  • Bluetooth®
  • Media
  • SteeringWheelControl
  • +3YearsFree MapUpdates

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