Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I find the Owner's Manual ?
Owners Manuals can be located on the top menu which is a few clicks back from the screen you are viewing. On the top menu, select 'Support' and then click 'Download Manuals'. Here you will be able to download all AVN manuals in the pdf format, or view them online.
The screen is too bright at night. Can it be changed ?
Please press and hold the "AUDIO" button (physical Button) for 1 second or longer. You will see a picture for screen adjustment and setting. You can change screen brightness by using this screen. (See page 18 of the Owner's Manual).
My unit will not operate and screen only indicates enter disc.
ESN activated, requires your selected security disc.
Please insert your secuity disc to unlock the unit.
If security disc is lost or forgotten you will need to contact the point of purchase or phone 1800 211 411 for enquiry or assistance.


How do I update the maps on the AVN827GA ?
The maps for the AVN827GA are updated via SD card only.
Please check the FAQ section as more information will be released when available or call 1800 211 411 for enquiry or assistance.
How can I confirm if the AVN827GA is receiving GPS signals ?
There is a moving arrow in the centre of the screen and it represents your position on the map. If this arrow is blue, it means the unit is receiving GPS signals. If it becomes clear, GPS signals are weak. In this case, you may be in a tunnel, or surrounded by many tall buildings or a poor GPS area.
If I set a navigation destination point when still in my garage, the distance reading is not given. Anything wrong with my navigation system ?
Nothing is wrong. The distance reading to your destination will be displayed when your vehicle comes to a registered road/street or motorway.
Can I make any adjustments / selection to the navigation maps when the vehicle is in forward motion?
No safety mode is activated.
Can I see the navigation maps when using the Picture Function on an SD card?
No. The navigation mode becomes functional only with the original SD card.
Can I make a back-up copy of the original SD card ?
No, it is not possible to make a back-up copy on an SD card because of a copyright protection reason.
When I want to change SD cards, do I have to follow some steps or can I just go ahead and eject what's loaded and put in another one?
Similar to when you remove a USB flash drive from your PC, there are some steps to follow to protect the data contents (of the SD card) from damaging.
Please see Page 25 of the Owner's Manual for the instructions.
Is TMC or traffic information available anywhere and anytime wherever I drive ?
The TMC signals are carried through the regular FM broadcast signal. And not all broadcast stations may be equipped with the TMC system. So, if there's no FM stations receivable or depending on where you drive, there may be no TMC information available. When TMC signals are received, the unit's screen show the icon with cars in it.


My partner's phone can pair up with the AVN827GA, but mine can't.
Is my Bluetooth phone not compatible ?
Please check the list of Bluetooth compatibility at http://www.eclipse-web.com/au/assets/pdf/products/navigation/avn/827ga/bt_compatibility_chart.pdf
Can I use my portable Bluetooth audio player with the AVN827GA ?
Please check compatibility in Owner's Manual (Page 260).
The basic requirements such as "Bluetooth specification Version" and "Profile" version are specified.
Paring your Phone, Transferring the Phonebook & adding a Speed Dial
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndRRyaxVZLY
SMS & Email Alert
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEJdDzul62I

USB and iPod

Does my iPod®/iPhone® work with the AVN827GA for playback of music or video ?
Please check compatibility either in Owner's Manual (Page 250) or in iPod® compatibility list at http://www.eclipse-web.com/au/assets/pdf/products/navigation/avn/827ga/ipod_compatibility_chart.pdf
If I want to use a USB flash drive for music playback, is there any caution or format requirement I need to observe?
Yes, there are some things that need to be checked with regards to the compatibility of a USB, playable file types, and bit rates, etc.
More information is given in Pages 201-208 of the Owner's Manual.
If my USB flash drive contains hundreds of music, will it take a long time to start playing back music ?
The unit may take some time to scan and read the file tag information. The larger the number of music files, the longer in waiting time it may be. If there are many different types of files stored in the USB, the scanning process may take a longer time.
To shorten scan time, it is recommended to store only music files and minimise the number of folders.
How can I connect my iPod® to the unit ?
Please check the compatibility of your iPod® in Page 250 of the Owner's Manual. If compatible, please purchase an optional iPod cable ( Part No. IPC-709 / IPC-111) and then follow the instructions given in the Owner's Manual.
Sometimes the iPod® connected to the unit does not turn on quickly. Is there any reason for that ?
Your iPod® will automatically charge when the ignition is turned to "ACC" or "ON". However, if the remaining power in the iPod's battery happens to be too low, it may take a longer time to turn itself on. Please be sure to always charge it to an optimum level.
Music tends to sound distorted when I play my iPod® on the unit.
How can I reduce the distortion?
If you customise the Equaliser setting of your iPod®, the sound output may be distorted. Please try with the default Equalisation setting.


What can I operate with the "Voice Control" System and are there any instructions I should follow to use it properly ?
You can operate many features of navigation and audio modes by saying voice commands. There are basic requirements that the user should follow and they include, pronouncing voice commands articulately and loud enough, and saying them after a beep tone.
Please see Page 274 and onward of the Owner's Manual for the instructions.
I'm using Voice Control often, but today, it does not accept any of my voice commands.
Did I do anything wrong ?
The Voice Control button needs to be pressed after pressing the "I agree" icon of the navigation mode. If you reverse this sequence, you will have to reset by turning the ignition off/ on and then press the "I agree" button first. Then press the "Voice Control" button.
Handsfree Speed Dialing via Voice Control
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui9vuHYlDEY
Navigation Route Input via Voice Control
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-KLvj9D-MQ
Navigation Route Input (alternate city/suburb) via Voice Control
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3KJ5wVOeZw
POI Search via Voice Control
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_pUhksLD-U
iPOD Search via Voice Control
Please see the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu93zmk8EKo



How can I set (adjust) the PND clock/time?
Please select [Change preferences] ⇒[Set clock] on Menu, and set the time.
The PND screen won't change to the night screen when it is supposed to. Why?
Please check with the PND if its setting of "Turn day-time mode screen" is set to "ON". By setting it to ON, the screen changes to the brightness mode. Please also check if the illumination signal line of the vehicle is hooked up to AVN4400, and check the status of 'Link night view to headlight' setting. If not connected or status is set off, the display won't turn brightness down. Please check your owner’s manual for more details.
How can I tilt the front panel (screen)?
Please press and hold the [EJECT/TILT] bottom.
How can I check the remaining battery level of PND?
Please press the right-bottom on MAP screen, and check the battery capacity level.
How can I get the PND screen back active again (showing picture) from the "Screen off" mode?
Please press [SCREEN AV/NAVI] button.
How can I make adjustment on picture quality during a playback of a DVD movie?
When a DVD movie is showing onscreen, press and hold the CTRL button a little longer than usual and the screen will show picture quality control buttons such as Brightness, Contrast, Tint, Color. (NOTE: "Tint" adjustment is only possible on NTSC video.)


Not all my CD-R or CD-RW discs will play back on the AVN4400. Could you explain why?
Please make sure that you are using a CD-R/RW which has been recorded and processed "Session Closed"("finalized"). Please do not use any discs that are burned with "packet write".
I tried to use some DVD-R/RW discs on AVN4400 system, but they wouldn't play back. Could you explain why?
When using a DVD-R/+R/RW disc, note that only discs recorded in the video mode can be played. Discs recorded in the VR mode and audio mode cannot playback. Please also note that the Region Code of the DVD must match that of your country's or be "Region Free! for the disc to play back on the system. If not matched, playback is not possible.
Won't play some CDs. Or sound skips sporadically during playback on other CDs.
Please check that no paper labels are attached to the CD disc. This can sometime cause skipping or no playback, or even damage the internal mechanism. Please also note that the CD system can't play copy-control music CDs either.
I have some “CD singles" discs (8 centimeters in diameter). Will the Follow Me system accept those discs and play back?
Yes, you can use your single CD discs like other regular CDs. Please use it as is without attaching any ring adaptor to it for an adaptor will most likely get caught up in the mechanism and may damage the playback system.
Is it OK if I put a sticker or label on my CD-R or CD-RW discs and play them back?
Please do not attach any label or sticker to your CD discs as discs may become thicker than usual. No matter if the disc is even slightly thicker, it will most likely get caught up in the mechanism and can damage the playback system.


How can I change and select FM/AM frequencies?
Please press the [SRC] button to display "FM" or "AM" on the sub-display of AVN. You can change fequencies by pressing Up/Down/Right/Left buttons of [BAND].
How can I turn off the audio mode?
Please press and hold the [SRC] button a little longer than usual.
During playback of video on my iPod, how can I fast-forward or rewind the video?
Please press the Left and Right of BAND button.


Is AVN4400 system equipped with Bluetooth audio feature?
Bluetooth audio feature is not provided, but you can use a Bluetooth hands-free phone with this system.
Can I pair up only one mobile phone (Bluetooth-capable) with the PND?
Up to 5 phones can be paired up.


When the PND is docked to the head unit and car is running, can I shut off power to the PND?
Cannot shut off PND power alone while it's docked to the head unit. If PND is removed and hand-held, you can turn it off by pressing its PWR button. There's another "Power Off" method. By using the Power Saving Preference screen of PND, you can set PND in a mode to shut itself off at undocking. In addtion, you can turn off PND and Audio Head unit by pressing the [SRC] button for a few seconds while docking.
Can this navigation work on the dead-reckoning system as well?
Yes, it has the dead-reckoning system. But it can work on while docked to head unit with vehicle speed-pulse.
Can I check GPS reception condition(signal strength) on this system?
Yes. GPS signal strength levels are shown the right-bottom on screen.
The car position being displayed on the PND screen is incorrect and slightly different from the true current position. Why?
This can occur when a vehicle enters a tunnel or multilevel parking structure because the GPS signal cannot penetrate such areas.
When installing AVN4400 system, do I have to hook up the navigation's SPD wire to a speed-pulse source line of the car?
Yes, your navigation system works on both the GPS and Dead-reckoning methods. Dead-reckoning requires an SPD pulse from the car. Without an SPD pulse, Dead-reckoning won't work and thus car positioning accuracy will slightly suffer when compared to use with an SPD pulse.


Can I play back my iPod® by connecting it to AVN4400 system?
Yes. However, there are some exceptions. Certain iPod models may not be compatible or operational. Please check iPod compatibility list at http://www.eclipseweb.com/au/ipodcompatibility/index.html. Also, please note that you need to get the appropriate cable ("iPC-409") to connect your iPod with AVN4400.
Can I hook up any back-eye camera to the AVN system to view when backing up?
Only a designated ECLIPSE brand camera can be used.
Can I connect an external music/video device to AVN4400 system?
Yes, you can connect an iPod® player, audio portable player etc. to the AUX, VTR, etc. inputs.
The "Music Find" feature doesn't work on the iPod mode.
The "Music Find" feature supports music data with title in English(alphabet) only. Other languages are not supported. Please avoid any special characters.
If I buy and install a cradle(*) in another car of mine and put the PND on it, can I connect and use my iPod for playback? (* TomTom accessory)
If the PND is off the audio head unit, your iPod can't be operational. Your iPod can work only when the PND is docked to the head unit.
Plugged my iPod in the USB slot of the unit but can't get it to work.
The USB slot can't get your iPod® to work. Please use the cable "iPC-409" to connect and operate the iPod®.


How can I replace the built-in lithium battery if it really becomes dead and un-rechargeable?
The PND is a delicate and complicated structure. Batteries need to be replaced by our technical specialists.
I understand that by using a USB memory stick I can playback MP3 music. Can a USB stick also upload other data such as photos, motion pictures, and maps to the PND?
The system can play back MP3 music only.
If the PND is docked to the audio head unit, will the PND start recharging its battery automatically?
Yes. Recharging starts automatically when PND is docked to the audio head unit. Please also note that if temperature of PND gets very warm, recharging may sometime stops automatically in order to protect the built-in battery. This, however, is normal and recharging resumes again when PND gets less warm.


Where can I find the Owner's Manual ?
Owners Manuals can be located on the top menu which is a few clicks back from the screen you are viewing. On the top menu, select 'Support' and then click 'Download Manuals'. Here you will be able to download all AVN manuals in the pdf format, or view them online.
The phone pairing icon is not highlighted....
The Parking Brake MUST be engaged in order to enter the phone pairing menu, or for a phone to initial re-pair when the unit is turned on.
Text to Speach (TTS) is not working for the voice I selected...
The Text to Speach feature is only available for certain voice profiles. In order for Text to Speach to work, the voice profile you select must have (TTS) noted next to it. (i.e. British - Sally - (TTS)).
To see what voice profile you have activated, Press the NAV button to enter Navigation mode. Then press the Menu button on the mapping screen, followed by Settings, then Regional. Here, you can select different voice profiles under the 'Voice Profile' menu.
Why do I have to press 'I Agree' each time the unit is turned on?
The requirement to press 'I Agree' is a form of legal declaration that you are complying to the conditions of the service, where it is the owner's risk in using the device whilst driving
Am I able to adjust screen brightness or turn the screen off?
Yes, by hoding the AV button down for a few seconds, the screen brightness menu will appear. Press the - or + keys on the touch screen to edit these values. In order to turn the screen off, simply press the 'OFF' button at the top of the touch screen in the same menu. There is also seperate brightness settings for when the illumination circuit is activated. Simply turn your headlights on and follow the same procedure to change night brightness settings as well.
During map update procedure I have encounted 'Fatal Error' Screen. What do I do?
If you have an older copy of the step 2 instructions for the map update procedure, please re-download the amended instructions from this page. This matter has been addressed in the Step 2 PDF.
Can the AVN726EA work with a Non-Eclipse camera?
Yes you can. You need to purchase a rear camera connector (Part No. 132140-00500700) from our spare parts department. This part will enable connection between an exsiting camera and the AVN726EA. Please note that the existing camera MUST be 5V and NTSC to work correctly on the AVN726EA

AVN2210p FAQ

When I remove the PND on the AVN2210p, is there a something I can put in its place?
Yes, an optional cover plate is included in the travel kit (TRK-107p) that can be used in place of the PND.
I want to connect an AUX audio device, how can I do this?
For this purpose you need the optional AUX-105 junction cable. Refer to the owner's manual for instructions on how to activate the AUX input.
Why are my volume so different with AM and FM, CD and FM, etc.?
With FM as a reference source volume, other sources such as CD and AM can be adjusted using the Source Volume Control (SVC). See owner's manual for details.


I cannot input an address while I am driving.... (Icon greyed out)
This is the Parking Brake Safety Function - certain functions can only be used while emergency/parking brake is engaged.
I cannot watch a DVD while driving....
This is the Parking Brake Safety Function - certain functions can only be used while emergency/parking brake is engaged.
Why doesn't the buttons on the unit light up?
The illumination wire may not be connected - please have your installer check for proper wiring.
Where can I order parts (accessories, map, etc.)?
Contact your nearest ECLIPSE dealer.
The screen is too bright at night, can it be changed?
The map screen should turn to a dark background when you turn on the headlights. If not, check that the DISP function is set to DAY mode or have your installer check the illumination wire.
My unit is locked up (asking for disc)....
ESN (security) mode is activated. Contact ECLIPSE on 1800 211 411 to unlock your unit.
Where can I find the serial number of the unit?
The serial number is printed on the unit, the warranty registration card and on the original box.
The navigation screen is frozen. How do I correct this?
Go to Setup menu and perform Position/Direction calibration.
Is there a Map Update for the AVN6000?
Please visit link below for more information

iPod Adaptor FAQ

Why can't I see music text or any information on my iPod?
Your iPod adaptor is in "CD Changer" mode - this is normal operation.
Can I use the iPod Adaptor with my OEM radio or any other manufacturer's radio?
No, it will only work with ECLIPSE head units - see page 8 of the iPC-106 owner's manual.
The Fast Forward/Rewind function doesn't work - Why?
The iPC-106 does not support FF/FR functions.
Will the iPod Adaptor charge my iPod?
Will the iPod Adaptor play video from my iPod?
Can I record music from my radio to the iPod?
Can I use the iPod Adaptor on my old ECLIPSE radio?
Check the iPC-106 owner's manual (page 8) for a list of compatible units.
Is my iPod compatible with my Eclipse unit?
Please follow this link to iPod/Eclipse compatability list http://www.eclipse-web.com/au/ipodcompatibility/index.html

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