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Using the DivX Player

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To ensure driving safety, you cannot watch a video while driving.

  • About DivX

  • DivX is a highly recognized media technology developed by DivX, Inc. DivX media files enable you to compress with a high compression ratio while maintaining high image quality. Menus, sub titles, and sub audio tracks can be included in the file compressed by DivX. DivX.com has a variety of DivX media files. It is possible to create original contents by downloading these media and using the DivX dedicated tools.

  • About DivX Certified

  • DivX Certified products have been tested by the DivX creators, and have been officially tested and certified that they can be played back on all versions of DivX (including DivX 6). A DivX Certified logo on products shows that it is a portable video or HD video that complies with the DivX Profiles Standard.

  • DivX, DivX Certified and related logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. These trademarks are used with the permission of DivX, Inc.

  • This unit supports playback of DivX files recorded onto disc. It does not support the playback of the video file in the USB memory.

  • For safety, only DivX music can be played back while the vehicle is in motion.


You can watch a DivX only when you have stopped your vehicle and applied the parking brake to secure safety while the engine switch or ACC is turned on. (If the source is switched to the DivX player while the vehicle is in motion, only the audio function becomes active.)

  1. Set switch

  1. File switch/fast forward (rewind) button

  1. MENU button

  1. Folder / file selection switch

  1. Random switch

  1. AV button

  1. Repeat switch

  1. Playback / pause switch

  1. List switch

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