AVN726E Online Manual

Using the iPod Player

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Once an iPod is connected, you can play iPod music or video files. Using this receiver, you can perform operations, for example, selecting a file from the list or changing to the random playback mode. You cannot, however, connect the iPod cable (video line) together with USB or VTR.

  • For details on the iPod functions, refer to the iPod operation manual.

  • It is assumed here that the iPod has already been connected to this main unit with an optional iPod interface cable (iPC-709).

  • To ensure driving safety, you cannot watch a video while driving.

  • iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

  1. Shuffle All switch

  1. File UP/DOWN, Fast UP/DOWN button

  1. Album Shuffle switch

  1. MENU button

  1. Shuffle switch

  1. Repeat switch

  1. AV button

  1. Menu switch

  1. List switch

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