AVN4430 Online Manual

Control Names and Operations

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You can operate this receiver by pressing the panel buttons (panel switches) or by touching the switches displayed on the screen (touch switches).

Panel Switches

Press each panel switch to operate it.

[SRC] button

Short press: Switches SOURCE.

Long press (more than one second): Turns the audio mode OFF.

Long press (more than 5 seconds): Turns the power completely OFF.

[MUTE] button

Short press: Turns MUTE ON or OFF.

Long press: Turns the PND display OFF.

[CTRL] button

Short press: Switches the audio controls.

Long press: Switches to the Adjustment screen while in the video mode. You can switch to the setting mode when PND is connected and PWR switch is OFF.

[VOL] rotary knob

Adjusts volume.

[SCREEN AV/NAV] button

Short press: Switches between the NAVI screen and AV screen. Turns the PND display ON when it is OFF.

Long press: Displays the CAMERA screen when a camera is connected.

[BAND] button

Changes the bands, or playback format between CD-DA and MP3 (WMA).

[SELECT (Right/Left)] button

Short press: Tunes radio stations, selects CD/MP3/WMA, iPod and USB tracks, or selects DVD chapters.

Long press: Tunes preset radio stations, selects CD/MP3/WMA, iPod and USB tracks, or fast forwards or rewinds a DVD.

[SELECT (Upper/Lower)] button

Short press: Tunes radio stations by SEEK UP/DOWN. Selects folders in the CD (MP3/WMA) mode.

Long press: Continues SEEK UP/DOWN of radio stations.

Long press of the DOWN button: Returns to the root directory in the MP3/WMA mode.

[TEXT] button

Switches the title or display when the PND is installed.

The current setting mode is displayed when the PND is removed.

[(OPEN/EJECT)] button

Short press: Ejects the disc or opens and closes the front panel.

Long press: Tilts the front panel step by step or forcibly ejects the disc when the front panel is open.

[Release] button

Removes the right side of the PND from the main unit.

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