AVN4430 Online Manual

Before use

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  • Be very careful and pay full attention to safety when operating the audio controls while driving. Otherwise accidents may occur. Also, be sure to set the volume so that you can still adequately hear sounds outside the vehicle.

  • Improper use may result in a traffic accident.

  • Never continue to use the system if it is malfunctioning in any way. If smoke, abnormal noises or abnormal odors are noticed, turn off the power immediately. Immediately turn off the audio in such situations.

  • Exercise caution regarding the temperature inside the vehicle.

  • The temperature inside the vehicle can increase during hot weather.

  • Wait for the temperature inside the vehicle to drop before using this receiver.

  • Otherwise damage may result.

  • Do not disassemble or modify this receiver.

  • The main unit has a precisely designed structure, so consult your retailer in the event any unsatisfactory performance is observed.

  • Do not apply excessive force to the monitor.

  • Otherwise damage may result.

  • Do not leave the monitor in tilt position when you are not using it.

  • Otherwise, it may be damaged.

  • Do not insert any objects other than discs into the disc slot.

  • Otherwise damage may result.

  • Be careful not to get your fingers or other objects caught behind the monitor when it is being retracted into place.

  • Interference can cause an injury or damage the main unit.

  • When removing a disc from the main unit, remove it in the horizontally level direction.

  • Do not pull them up or press down on them forcibly while removing them.

  • Improper removal may result in the disc becoming scratched, cause the receiver to emit unusual noises, or result in other damage.

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