• Navigation
  • 7 Wide Screen Monitor
  • DVD Video
  • USB Multi-Source Receiver
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless techology
  • Made for iPod
  • Compatible Bluetooth-equipped phones

Outstanding video and audio

Outstanding video and audio/Distinctive picture quality

The widescreen 7" display makes good use of advanced digital image processing technology for a vivid image that is in its own class.Contrast is optimized as are color depths snd contrasts. This digital-to-digital TFT monitor keeps all data transfers in digital format, eliminating noise and the smearing experienced with analog conversion processe, iust like the best LCD TVs.

Outstanding video and audio/Superb sound quality

To deliver the best possible sound quality, the AVN726E's audio circuit components are specially selected, tested and evaluated through stringent listening tests. Many premium parts including Elna capacitors are used in key positions. A high 5V preamp output is included.

Driving safety and  peace of mind/Promoting safety for drivind and when parked

Theft deterrence is on hand with ECLIPSE's proven ESN that activates with engine switch-off to lock the vehicle system which can only be unlocked using a CD that the user previously designated as the "unlocking key." With a rear view camera connected, you'll automatically get a great view of the rear on the AVN726E's display when shifting into reverse.

Driving safety and  peace of mind/Quick-connecting built-in Bluetooth

The AVN726E's built-in Bluetooth delivers hands-free phone calling as well as audio streaming in conjunction with your Bluetooth-enabled device. Bluetooth pairing speed is more than 4 times faster than conventional navigation products which usually require 3 to 4 seconds.

Next generation  navigation/Upgraded navigation

Newly designed navigation features instant response to touch screen operation and commands as flash memory is used. The display is now more vivid and 3D-like for easier location recognition and traffic congestion views, enhancing navigation. An SD card slot is also provided for access to the latest map updates you download on your computer. The AVN726E is also Sirius Traffic-ready to provide timely information as needed.

Next generation  navigation/Improved operation

Faster navigation as the flash memory database now responds faster. All navigation operations are processed faster such as zooming and scrolling, making map display show exactly where you want it at any time. Graphics are enhanced with recognizable icons so that the widescreen 7" display is more informative and easier to see.

Versatile  entertainment/Ready for any media format

Just about any format from CD, DVD to MP3, WMA and DivX so all your music libraries can be used. iPod® audio and video can also be enjoyed with iPod controls and features accessible right from the touch-control display. Sound quality is clear and distortion-free since the iPod connection keeps everything in the digital domain. Useful iTunes Tagging* is also supported when listening to HD Radio and thanks to Bluetooth, audio can be streamed from your phone right to the car's system. In addition, the AVN726E is ready for Sirius XM satellite radio (optional tuner required) broadcasts.

Please see here for iTuners Tagging-compatible iPod models.

Elegant design/Clean and stylish looks

Enhancing modern car interiors, the AVN726E has a refreshingly clean appearance, its widescreen-dominated design providing an uncluttered, factory-finish install that blends well with a car's console or dash.

Elegant design/Color coordination

A choice of 5 background screen colors lets you match the screen to your iPod as well as coordinate with your car's interior design.

Outstanding video and audio

  • Distinctive picture quality
  • Superb sound quality

Driving safety and peace of mind

  • Promoting safety for driving and when parked
  • Quick-connecting built-in Bluetooth

Next generation navigation

  • Upgraded navigation
  • Improved operation

Versatile entertainment

  • Ready for any media format

Elegant design

  • Clean and stylish looks
  • Color coordination

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