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ECLIPSE launches in Australia

After months of planning. ECLIPSE Car Audio launched in Australia in October 2001. The long awaited launch involved an eastern sea-board rollout whereby Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney dealers each had their own ECLIPSE product launch. It was the help of Vannin Gale (Senior Manager of the R & D Department), acting in the capacity of USA Representative, and all members of the ECLIPSE team, that made these launches a success, which in turn has placed ECLIPSE in a very strong position to build the brand in Australia.

ECLIPSE launches with 37 Dealers Australia-wide


The CD8061 was selected as Car Audio Head unit of the Year in 2002 Sound and Image magazine award.

The CD8061 was ECLIPSE'S premium CD Tuner, featuring 16 volts with the use of the ECLIPSE balanced line adaptor technology. The CD8061 took ECLIPSE CD Tuner technology to a new level.


E7703AVX released

The E7703AVX provided superb high definition DVD video images and incredible 5.1 channel sound.

Launch of the first ECLIPSE Demo Car - Toyota Corrolla Levin

ECLIPSE presented editorial coverage in four Australian automobile and car AV magazines, highlighting the ECLIPSE Full System mounted in the Toyota Corolla Levin and Audi TT Quattro models.


The 6 CD tuner models released


ESN E8 High-Power “Customise” CD/MS Receiver with MP3/WMA/ATRAC3 Decoder and NOB Remote

CD5444, CD3434, CD3424, CD3414, and CD3404


AVX5000 released

DVD/MS multi-source receiver with 7" wide TFT display AVX5000 was a slim single-DIN configuration.

E-iSERV technology released in the Australian market.

E-iSERV distributes content and software, making ECLIPSE functions more user friendly and customisable.


AVN6000 released
First Integrated AVN unit in Australia

AVN, the first car navigation system to integrate audio, visual and navigation elements into one, makes its Australian debut.

Launch of the ECLIPSE “Lorago” Demo Car

Toyota Tarago
The " Lorago" took over 12 months to complete and became one of the best demo cars on the Australian show scene.


AVN2210p released

A double-DIN AVN featuring high-performance audio and a detachable interface that acts as a portable navigation device (PND) is released.

Melbourne Motor Show

ECLIPSE sponsors "Flat Out" the world lowest vehicle at the Melbourne International Motorshow in 2007.


The AVN2210p was selected as Innovation of the Year award in the 2008 AUSTRALIAN INCAR AWARDS of the INCAR ENTERTAINMENT magazine.


AVN4400 and AVN726EA released

The AVN4400 fills a unique position in the AVN product category as its navigation section is detachable. The AVN concept was validated by the unit's selection by the Consumer Electronics Association as an “Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering” honoree.

The AVN726EA was named Best of Innovations 2009 in its category by the Consumer Electronics Association as well as being chosen as an Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award Honoree.


DENSO TEN (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD. 20th Anniversary


ECLIPSE 10th Anniversary in Australia 2001- 2011

2011 AVN827GA launches in Australia

Dealer's Voice for ECLIPSE 10th Anniversary

Grant Lauterbach

Grant Lauterbach
(Alberts Car Stereo ? Morley)

Since taking on ECLIPSE as a brand many years ago I have seen it become one of the best, value for money, items on the planet.
The CD5030 with features and performance matching competitors at more than double its price!
The AVN726EA that still remains the in dash DVD/Tuner/Navigation unit of choice.
Other brands are still trying to match its price to feature and performance ratio but still fall short.

We love the product and the people that are ECLIPSE.

Damien Lacy

Damien Lacy
(Auto Addiction- Bendigo)

I have been dealing with ECLIPSE as long as I have been in business, around ten years now and I have found there product quality to be world class.
But their edge in the market is the back up service and people working for ECLIPSE.
ECLIPSE, great brand, great products, great people.

Drew Stibbards

Drew Stibbards
(Northfield - Moorooka)

Very happy and amazed by the above average build quality and reliability of the Eclipse brand in his business over the last 10 years

Nathan Wheals

Nathan Wheals
(Alberts Car Stereo ? bunbury)

ECLIPSE product stands out from the crowd with industry leading technology and features.
Over the last 10 years, ECLIPSE has been at the forefront of the car audio industry in Australia and I’m sure this will continue for many years to come.
ECLIPSE has developed into a "household" name whereby all your audio visual experiences are UNPARRALLED.
ECLIPSE stands for QUALITY !!!

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