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CD/MP3/WMA/AAC player

About compact discs

  • The signal recorded on a compact disc is read by a laser beam, so nothing touches the disc surface. A scratch on the recorded surface or a badly warped disc may cause deteriorated sound quality or intermittent playback. Observe the following precautions to ensure high quality sound performance:

  • Do not leave an ejected disc in the disc slot for very long; the disc may warp. Discs should be stored in their cases and kept away from high temperature and humidity.

  • Do not adhere of paper or tape. Do not write on or scratch either side of a disc.

  • Discs spin at a high speed inside the main unit. Keep cracked or warped discs out of the player to avoid damaging the main unit.

  • Avoid touching the recorded surface when handling a disc; handle discs by their edges.

About brand new CDs

  • You may notice that some brand new discs are rough around the center hole or outside edge. Remove the rough edges with the side of a ballpoint pen, etc. Rough edges may prevent proper loading in the main unit. Flakes from the rough edges may also stick to the recorded surface and interfere with playback.

About CD accessories

  • Do not use accessories (stabilizers, protective seals, laser lens cleaners, etc.) sold for “improving sound performance” or “protecting CDs.” The changes in CD thickness or outside dimensions made by these accessories may cause problems in the player.

  • Please be sure NOT to attach any ring-shape protector (or other accessory) to your discs. Those protectors are commercially available and said to protect disc and to improve sound quality (and antivibration effect), but they can do more harm than good in regular uses. The most common problems are disc insertion, disc ejections, and won't play problems due to the protector ring that came off in the disc mechanism.

About borrowed CDs

  • Do not use a CD with glue or remnants of adhesive tape or labels. They may cause the CD to get stuck inside or damage the main unit.

How to remove CDs

  • When removing the ejected disc, pull it straight out along the slot. Removing the disc in a downward or upward angle may scratch the recorded surface of the disc.

About irregularly-shaped CDs

  • Specially-shaped CDs, like heart-shaped or octagonal CDs, cannot be played. Do not attempt to play them, even with an adapter, since they may damage the player.