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Connecting portable audio players to the AUX jack

Use a commonly available accessory cable with the RCA connector to connect a portable audio player to the AUX (auxiliary) jack of this system. The default setting for AUX is OFF.

The default setting for AUX is OFF.

1Turn on the portable audio player and start its play function.

The AUX mode is activated.

For details, Switching Audio Modes.

  • While the AUX mode is activated, actions such as turning off the audio player or pulling out the connection cord may cause noise spikes that can damage the system speakers. Be sure to avoid this possibility by turning off system power or switching from AUX mode to another mode before shutting off or disconnecting the portable audio player.

  • Audio output levels will differ for the various devices that can be connected by this method. Carefully adjust volume until the output level of the connected player is known.

  • Before using a portable audio player in a vehicle, read the player's operation manual carefully and confirm problem-free operation in the vehicle before proceeding.

Switching the AUX mode on and off

1Press the [FUNCTION] button.

The function mode is activated.

2Press the [SELECT] button to select the AUX ON/OFF.

The AUX ON/OFF mode is activated.

3Turn the [VOL] button to select the ON/OFF mode.

It switches between ON and OFF each time the button is turned.

The selected settings will take effect.