• In-Car Audio Visual Navigation
  • Made for iPod

Outstanding video and audio

Combines AVN plus protability / Factory-fit appearance

The design-conscious factory-fit AVN head unit adds a touch of luxury to enhance any car interior, fitting flush into the dashboard for a tasteful, finished look. A choice of red or green illumination highlights the unit to suit the vehicle's decor and dashboard

Combines AVN plus protability / Portable navigation section

The AVN4429's design allows the compact navigation section to dock snugly into the main unit, ready to be removed to use out of the primary vehicle or when needing to connect to a computer to get updates. Main controls and audio entertainment features remain operable when the navigation section is removed. Bluetooth is built into the navigation unit so hands free operation can continue to be enjoyed in a secondary vehicle.

Combines AVN plus protability / Built-in Bluetooth

Convenient hands-free operation with built-in Bluetooth (no microphone needed) promotes safer driving and more ease-of-use. When the navigation section is removed for use in another car it still provides Bluetooth hands free operation.

In-demand entertainment features / DVD/DVD-R/RW,DivX,CD/CD-R/RW,MP3,WMA files

The AVN4429 lets you enjoy virtually any entertainment format on the crystal-clear widescreen 4.3" display. Outstanding ECLIPSE audio quality with versatile controls.

In-demand entertainment features / iPod® audio and videoiPod┬« audio and video

Enjoy audio and video from your iPod® that directly connects to the AVN4429, with iPod controls and features all accessible via the touch control display for fast and easy operation.

In-demand entertainment features / USB connection

For easy system expansion, the USB connector can be used for connecting various other devices.

Detachable navigation section / Performance-proven TomTom navigation

Quick-responding TomTom navigation is intuitive, responding instantly to a finger touch on the display.

Detachable navigation section / Traveling gets easier

With built-in RDS-TMC to provide the latest traffic information in real-time so that travel becomes smoother, traffic problems are avoided as they occur. Together with the advantages of TomTom's navigation features, stress-free traveling can be enjoyed.

Detachable navigation section / TomTom's Map ShareTM

Innovative map updating feature allows user-editing to correct map errors as well as online sharing of map information other users have made. Travel stress-free.
*For TomTom's Map Share™ please go here.

Detachable navigation section / Latest updates

The navigation section can be connected to a computer to download all the latest map updates and TomTom content such as safety camera information, POI edit, navigation voice change and map color so you always are up-to-date.
*For more information on map updates, please refer to TomTom's site here.

Safty- and security-conscious / Rear view camera

The AVN4429 accepts signals from a rear view camera, activating whenever the vehicle is put into reverse and displaying the images on the display.

Safty- and security-conscious / Portability

The removable navigation section is compact and easily removable, reducing the chances of theft and break-ins.

Combines AVN plus protability

  • Factory-fit appearance
  • Portable navigation section
  • Built-in Bluetooth

In-demand entertainment features

  • DVD/DVD-R/RW,DivX,CD/CD-R/RW,MP3,WMA files
  • iPod® audio and video
  • USB connection

Detachable navigation section

  • Performance-proven TomTom navigation
  • Traveling gets easier
  • TomTom's Map ShareTM
  • Latest updates

Safty- and security-conscious

  • Rear view camera
  • Portability

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