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When You Think There Is a Malfunction

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A slight difference in operation may be mistaken for a malfunction. Please check the items in the following table first.

If the unit does not work, even after the appropriate remedial action has been taken, please contact your dealer.


Possible cause


The screen is dark for a brief period when the power is turned on at low temperatures.

This is a characteristic of TFTs.

This is not a malfunction. Wait for a brief period.

The display is distorted for a brief period after the power is turned on.

This is a characteristic of TFT backlighting.

This is not a malfunction. The display will stabilize after a brief period.

No sound comes out.

Volume is poorly adjusted or MUTE is functioning.

Press the VOL button to adjust the volume. Or release MUTE.

The music is muted in following cases.

  • the voice guidance is ON.

  • talking in the hands-free mode*

This is not a malfunction. The music can be heard again when the voice guidance finishes or the hands-free mode is turned off.

Sound comes out of only one side (left or right, front or back).

A speaker wire is disconnected.

Check the connections of the speaker wires.

Volume is poorly adjusted.

Check the balance and fader adjustments.

Sound quality does not change even after making adjustments.

The adjusted audio quality is not included in the radio broadcast or disc.

Check by changing the radio station or disc.

A CD/DVD will not go into the deck.

Power is not turned on.

Turn the vehicle ignition switch to [ACC] or [ON].

A disc is already inserted and you are trying to insert a second disc.

Eject the previously inserted CD/DVD and insert the preferred CD/DVD.

A CD/DVD cannot be played.

There is water condensation inside the equipment.

Stop using the equipment for a short time and then try using it again.About Discs

There is a large scratch or warp in the CD/DVD.

Insert a different CD/DVD.

The CD/DVD is very dirty.

Clean the CD/DVD.About Discs

The CD/DVD is upside down.

Insert the CD/DVD with the proper orientation.

A non-supported type of CD/DVD has been inserted.

Insert a CD/DVD that is supported in the deck.About Discs

Audio is output, but not DVD video. (With vehicle stopped.)

The emergency / parking brake has not be set.

Set the emergency / parking brake.

Neither video nor audio is output.

The vehicle ignition switch has not been turned on.

Turn the vehicle ignition switch to [ACC] or [ON].

The connection wires and cables are not completely connected.

Check the connections to each connection wire and cable.

There is a point of light on the display.

At least 99.99% of the pixels on the TFT panel are effective, but it is possible that 0.01% of the pixels may not light or may stay lighted.

This is not a defect, so please use the equipment in this condition.

  • Depending on your mobile phone, the mute function may not work correctly. If it does not, press the on the main unit. Refer to the ECLIPSE Web site (http://www.eclipse-web.com) for details on applicable phone models.

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