AVN726E/AVN76D Map Updates


PC with internet connection [running Windows XP( Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista (32-bit)]
Any blank CD-R (used for Step 1)
Any empty SD memory card* with a capacity of 2G (used for Step 2)
CD-ROM burner (used for Step 1)
SD card reader/writer (used for Step 2)
*Note: SDHC card not compatible

The following 2 steps are required to update map data for the AVN726E/AVN76D.

Please consult the retailer or car dealer where the unit was purchased or test the following methods to see whether a software update (Step 1) is required.

Insert the SD card onto which Sync Tools was downloaded from in Step 2 of the AVN726E process.
If SyncTools starts but will not operate correctly, the software update (Step 1) is required and should be executed.

AVN product (PND Type)

This software will enhance iPod compatibility.
For map updates, the software version on the AVN must have MN010071.vbk or higher prior to installing the new map updates.

This update will delete all phonebook information, phone pairing, radio stations, and audio settings. The unit will default to factory settings.
Have a blank CD-R ready. Download the update file and burn it to the CD-R.
This CD-R will now function as the update disk.
Download update file

*Please make sure that the data file name (MN010075.vbk) is not renamed or altered in any form. Please ensure data file is burnt to root directory. Please burn upgrade disc by "ISO9660" format or "Joliet". Any change to the file name will invalidate the update disk and not allow the update to be performed.

*During the entire software updating process, make sure that the ACC is never switched off or unplugged.

Version update process Download more detailed procedure (Step 1 - Software Update)
  1. Insert the update disk into the AVN726E/AVN76D unit.

  2. Accessories

  3. Push the "MENU" control (hardware switch). The Audio screen will display.

  4. Accessories

  5. Push the "AUDIO OFF" button to place unit into the "AUDIO OFF" mode.

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  7. Push the "AV" control (hardware switch).

  8. Accessories

  9. On the screen that displays, the four corners of the screen (A, B, C, and D) should be pushed sequentially A⇒B⇒A⇒C⇒A⇒D.
    Note: A,B,C,D are not displayed on the screen. These are indicated as areas to press to activate the software update screen.

  10. Accessories

  11. When you see "Start up update?" displayed, push "Yes."

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  13. The unit will now start to read the data and begin the update version. Please allow the process to complete before continuing.

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  15. When all the data is read, the display will show an update selection screen.

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  17. Press "OK" and wait for the update process to complete.

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  19. Once the update process is complete, press "OK" again.

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  21. Press "END".

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  23. Turn the vehicle's ACC off.
  24. Wait approximately 10 seconds, then turn the vehicle's ACC on.

Push EJECT and remove the disk. The update process is now completed.

Now you can move on to Step 2

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