Software updates


You can download updated software for your ECLIPSE device.


Software update history

  • Improved FM/RDS performance
    Version: MN010013.vbk for AVN726EEW / MN010077.vbk for AVN726EE
    Date: Jul. 4, 2011
  • Enhanced iPod compatibility
    Version: MN010012.vbk for AVN726EEW / MN010075.vbk for AVN726EE
    Date: Feb. 8, 2011

Software update requirement

  • PC with internet connection [running Windows XP( Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista (32-bit)]
  • Any blank CD-R
  • CD-ROM burner
  • Please consult the retailer or car dealer where the unit was purchased if you cannot determine the model version of the navigation unit. Do not attempt to proceed a software update without knowing the specific version. An update will delete all phonebook information, phone pairing, radio stations, and audio settings.The unit will default to factory settings.


Please make sure to download below the applicable update file for your model version.

Verifying model version:

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