ECLIPSE shines in Germany's prestigious PlUS X AWARDs.

ECLIPSE's AVN8626 all-in-one navigation and mutti-media entertainment unit won both lnnovation and Ease-of-Use categories in the third annual PLUS X AWARDs.  The AVN8826 was selected tor its excellent all-inclusive features that offer DVD, CD, MP3, advanced navigation, and surround sound capabilities, all controlled by the retracting touch control display. and being housed in a single compact enclosure that installs easily. The AVN8826 was summed up by the PLUS X AWARDs judges as the car multimedia system par excellence.

What are the PLUS X AWARDs all about?

Organized by media society networks of 17 1eading publications
encompassing enthusiast publications to consumer reports, the PLUS X AWARDs are acknowledged as conferring merit only on products that are the best of the best.

A large number of outstanding products from the world's leading consumer electronics companies vie for inclusion into the PLUS X AWARDs every year, ECLIPSE now joins the select list of world-class brands whose consumer electronics product categories cover audio, video digital photography, car entertainment, telecommunications as well as domestic products.

Awards Ceremony

  • Bernhard Schwartz and Rainer Slawetzki of
    ECLIPSE receive the PLUS X AWARD.

  • The festivities in full swing.


Recently ECLIPSE products have been getting greater exposure in the media, inctuding magazine reviews as well as advertisements. In Germany, along with the review in "PLUS X AWARDs Special" magazine, ECLIPSE can be seen in other prominent enthusiast publications. An informative review of the AVN8826 can be seen in the May/June issue of CAR &HIFI magazine and is available as a download as is another favorable AV N8826 review in Auto Connect magazine.

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