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Notes on operation

  • For your safety, play only at volume levels that allow outside sounds to be heard.

  • Discs with the logo shown to the left can be played.

  • You can play music CDs (CD-R/CD-RW) on this player. Be sure to use discs that have been properly processed.

    Depending on the editing format and software used, some discs may not play properly.

  • Do not insert anything other than a CD into the main unit.

    Do not insert any foreign objects, such as coins or credit cards, into the disc slot.

  • Avoid severe mechanical shock.

    When the player is subjected to severe vibration while traveling over a rough surface, playback may be intermittent. When a situation like this occurs, resume playback after returning to a smoother road.

  • About dew condensation.

    In cold or rainy weather, just as the interior glass surface gets fogged, dew (water condensation) may also settle on the main unit. When this occurs, disc playback may become intermittent or impossible. Dehumidify the air in the vehicle for a while before resuming playback.

  • Cleaning the disc slot.

    The disc slot tends to get dusty. Clean it occasionally to prevent accumulated dust from scratching the discs.